Setting triggered time

I have an Aeotec 6in1 sensor, and when ever it trip the motion sensor, it stays tripped for a looooong time, is there any way to set this, because we have to set our house to away long after we leave, else we will get text and email messages about movement.

Been reading a lot about this, but have not found any useful info for this yet, and apparently no one in here have this problem :frowning: or found a solution.

Have you read the instructions that came with the sensor? It’s on page 13 and continued to page 14.

It is “Parameter 3 [2 byte decimal]” default is 240sec (4 min.) you can change that to a lower number if 4 min is to long.

Copy of Manual is here but page numbers are all goofed around make sure you find page 13 then 14 is no right next to it to continue reading.

The idea behind such a long delay is if you using the motion to trigger a light and keep it on you don’t want it to reset before you had a chance to move around again. 4min of no activity means the light goes off in the room any motion during that time resets it. And for security purposes unless you just left the room less then 4 min ago before someone breaks in, the time wont matter. I forgot what mine is set to but it’s different depending on your specific application which is why it’s adjustable and available in the manual.

Thank you for your answer, I did read the manual :slight_smile: but just found that the parameter was to be set in the “device option” it was this part I couldn’t figure out, but after more googling just found 1min ago, now I just need to learn exactly how to use it.

I see your idea about the default time, I never thought to use it as a motion censored light, maybe because it currently is not possible because of the way my house is wired :frowning: