Been searching around but with no luck… Will ask here. I saw mention of a SetFileToPlay function to somehow control what song or playlist is played by the Squeezebox plugin?

I have my Squeezebox Radio hooked up to LMS, and the plugin is awesome. I’d like to setup a morning schedule to turn on a playlist for when I wake up though - it seems that this SetFileToPlay is what I want, but I’m completely lost on how to implement it. Thanks!

Ah got it! Scenes-> New Scene → Advanced → Select Squeezebox. No idea what to do from there but I will get it haha.

Last time I played with this, I could only get it to play playlists that I created using the Logitech web interface. It would not play playlists imported from iTunes. Same thing with you, or did you figure out how to access the iTunes playlists?

Ooooooh interesting… well in my other post I just put I am asking about Spotify mostly. Don’t use itunes at all to be honest. I will try using the web interface to see if I can get it to work like you said… That would be better than nothing. Thanks for the idea.