Set up control screens?

I have set up my “Home” screen with a button labeled “Rooms”.
When I click it, I want to go to another screen where I will label buttons “Living”, “Kitchen”, “Bath”,“Bed”, etc.
If I click one of these buttons I want it to go to another control screen like “Living” where I can then add buttons for control of (lights, shades, sockets).

How do I manage to create these related control screens properly?

This is not possible (yet), there is only one home screen with buttons to open other screens. Others have requested similar functionality so I may add it at some point.

Ok, Thanks intveltr.

So there is no way to drill down?? :o

I was hoping to go from the main screen, into a few common scenes for a room. From there, have an additional button that will list out all the devices in that room.

Hierarchical drill down seams like useful functionality.

The upcoming release at least has the option to extend the control screens on iPhones; you’ll be able to scroll down on these screens. (This version was just released as a beta)

I’ve also found that sometimes I need to access a device that I haven’t added yet to HomeWave, more often than I thought I’d have to. For these cases, it might be useful to add a screen that shows all controls and scenes from a room dynamically, without the need to add new devices. That won’t be in the next version but perhaps in a later release.