Set energy LED color on CT50 Thermostat

hey everyone, I have a bunch of ct50 thermostats that are Z-Wave enabled and a couple that are Wi-Fi which use the rtcoa Wi-Fi thermostat app to control

With the Wi-Fi app I’m able to set the LED energy color through reactor but with the straight Z-Wave version of the same thermostat I don’t see such a command listed. Does anyone know how to send that command for these thermostats?


Is this the correct User Manual for your CT50 thermostat? In it, I see no mention of setting LED colors.

Meanwhile, I refer you to this old post about the CT50 on the MCV forum, and a similar thread over on the SmartThings forum.

that is the correct manual but like I said for some reason the Wi-Fi app which controls the same thermostat (albeit with a different radio) that allows you to set the LED color. I don’t think it is something that you can usually set but it definitely seems to be doable. Same thing for that matter, the Wi-Fi app allows you to set “hold temperature” while the Z-Wave version does not. was wondering if there was some kind of lua code hack that I can get it to use those LEDs as well.

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This is a little higher level than I personally have experience with, but my understanding is that there’s software out there that can “sniff” your network traffic to discover exactly which HTTP commands are being passed from the app to your thermostat to govern those parameters (LED color, hold setting, etc.).

I imagine – again, not my forté here – you could, once armed with that knowledge, craft a few basic WGET calls in Lua or Reactor to do your bidding?

Yep, a sniffer could do that for you. Wireshark would be a good place to start, but the learning curve is steep


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