Set Delay timed so that the device is always in the off position

I just installed the PLTS and hopefully it’s going to work the way I hope it to.

I have 2 switch hooked up to my garage and gate. I want the two switches to always be off after I trigger in a scene or manually in the device tab after 1 second. I’ve read the PLTS basic a couple times over and I get more confused each time.

If I understand correctly, you want PLTS to turn a switch off one second after it is turned on. The following parameters will do that:

Interval: 1
ResetState: Off
SwitchMode: Immediate Toggle Delayed Reset

GarageDoor Garage Door switch turned on

Trigger GarageDoor

Off Garage Door switch, turn off
On Garage Door switch, turn on (See note below)

If you set an Action for On to turn on the Garage Door switch, it allows you to have the switch pulsed on for one second by triggering the PLTS. It will still turn off if turned on by other means. If you don’t want to use this, just don’t set the On action.

How it works
When the Garage Door switch is turned on, the PLTS is triggered, changes state from Off to On and starts its timer. One second later, the timer completes and PLTS changes state from On to Off. The Action for Off turns off the Garage Door switch.

Because the timing interval is short, you may not always see PLTS change state on the UI. The actions will only be executed if PLTS is Armed.

I think I see the problem… I’m on UI7 and I saw another post that there’s an issue with the current vision. But please still confirm if the below steps are correct. I don’t want the action to trigger it to turn then off, I just want it to recognize that any time that switch is triggered it will delay for 1 second and turn it off. I’m achieving this now by using scenes, works by manually trigger but I use Authomation VR a lot and it doesn’t seem to play nice.

Inputs: Triggers
-Add device -“Garage”
-Event Type - “A device is turned on or off”
-Which Mode - “Whenever the Device is Turned On”

I have interval one and two with a 0 in front of it. Do I change that to anything?
ResetState- Select off
Switch Mode - Select Immediate Toggle/Delayed Reset
Condition Trigger Expressiosn: in the “On” I would type “Turn off” in the box?

I have interval one and two with a 0 in front of it. Do I change that to anything?

Leave Interval2 set to 0.

Condition Trigger Expressiosn: in the "On" I would type "Turn off" in the box?

No. The expression for the Condition called Trigger should be just the name of the Input Trigger you defined. In my example I called it GarageDoor.

You then define an Action for the Condition called Off - on the Actions tab. Select Off from the pull-down list and then pick the Off button on the required switch using the GUI. Then save etc.

I think the issues some people are having with PLEG/PLTS under UI7 are when using the Advanced Action editor. You should not need to do this as you are just turning a simple switch off.



action - So I add an action like this, save it but it doesn’t seem to save cause when I go back into it, it’s blank.

I think I found where I was messing up. However, under action when I add an interval of 00:00:01 and the action to turn off the switch and save it, it takes me back to the previous screen and doesn’t appear to have anything saved.

The Inputs are OK although you have defined two. If you want to control two switches, you will need to use two separate PLTS devives - one for each.

The Conditions are not correct. You should enter an expression only for the Condition called Trigger. It is the fourth one from the top of the list. The expression should be just Gate for one PLTS and Garage for the other. Remove the expression for the Condition called Off.

Your Action is not correct. You do not need to use an interval here. Assign the Action for the Condition Off (as you already did). Select Immediate. Do not select the Lua tab. Pick the device (Gate or Garage) and select Off.