Separate device xml/json files for parent device and child devices

Is it possible to have a single pair of device files (xml/json) for the parent device, and a second pair for all the child devices to use? In the luup.chdev.append command I have a device file specified (with a matching json uploaded) that is different than the parent device file. When the child devices are created, they use the new device file pair however after this is done the parent device then appears to convert to the new device file pair, as well. Is there a way to have the parent device maintain its original device file pair?

Sure you can have different device files for parent and child. Take a look at any of the alarm panel plugins where the parent device (alarm system) is different to the child devices (some partitions, some zones).

If you are getting the parent device changing appearance in the browser then you are inadvertently re-using a URN, perhaps the deviceType in the JSON file, perhaps the device type in the XML file. Double-check that you haven’t got any “urn:” strings the same in the parent/child files (apart from service types and IDs, which are allowed to be reused).

Ah, that was it. Thank you futzle.