Sensor Light Dilemma

Having a problem Im sure their is a logical way to fix. Looking for help.

Just setup my second Zwave dimmer on the front porch light. I also Have a Aircame dome under the eave of entrance.

This camera is feeding to blue iris, when motion is detected it sends a alert to run a bat file on my computer to trigger light in Vera. Running perfectly, light gets triggered on motion.

Problem is when I switch the light off motion detection is triggered by the light dimming off, thus triggering the light back to 100%

How do I account for these conditions, add a delay into Blue Iris to stop it triggering again. Do I build a auto off into my scene? Anyone attempted this before?

I try to document my success and failures on this forum to help others when they search.



There is a option to run file again when trigger has ended in blue iris.

Is it possible to configure a scene to toggle light on or off. Is this sketchy as light could get stuck on when it’s supposed to be off. If someone manually interfered with this loop?

Most motion detection algorithms account for light changes which will either be very slow(sun setting) or very fast(flip of the switch). Your off scene is dimming the light and causing it to be interpreted as motion. I would expect that turning the light instantly 100% off, rather than dimming, would stop triggering the motion sensor.

The Aneotec Module Dim’s up and down when switched on/off. I found a way around this by dimming slowly if using lots of incitements as to not trigger motion. Also gives visual indication how much light you have left as-well. So can be re-triggered with more motion if needed.

Needs a lot of refinement and testing. But I think I’m on the right path now.

I hate to say it but I think Blue Iris has to many settings lmao…