Sensative Strip battery life

I have had my Sensitive strip since October of 2016. Battery is now at 25% in Vera UI. Anyone else seeing hi battery drain?

Don’t the Sensative strips have 10 year battery guarantied?
If it runs out you should ask for a replacement device.

Mine have still 100%. Almost after a year of operation.
Did you check the wake up intervall? I set it to the max.
I also disabled the LED.

Just read this on the SmartThings forum, maybe it will help? Pre-order Strips by Sensative at 10% OFF (US Version) - #57 by Mbhforum - Deals - SmartThings Community

The only issue with battery reporting we’ve seen so far is from 2 users who got 25% being reported after just a few days. It turned out to be a software problem when Strips reports 25% despite the battery being full whenever it experiences range issues. We recommend doing a network repair and waking the sensor up manually during the process to fix this. Let us know if you have any other questions!

I just ordered one for the patio door, so looking around for configuration advice.

Interesting thread. I have reached out to them for warranty support. Thanks for the link. Bought off of Amazon, might see if I can exchange it there if add remove does not work.

Glad the info helped! Please post back what you find out…I am hoping I don’t have any issues with mine :wink:

I bought three during the initial funding round… Been running them for over a year. Battery is till at 100%. Absolutely love these. Would buy more if they were not so expensive.

Have sent two messages to Sensitive and have not received a reply.