Sending zigbee commands from vera


I would like to set some parameters on a zigbee device I have paired with my Vera, is it possible to send zigbee commands to devices from vera? Either by using a, or from ssh?

Where is Vera’s binaries for communicating with the zigbee chip?

Update: In case anyone is interested in pitching in I will share my findings on my research, please correct me i’m wrong:

The zigbee chip on my vera seems to be a version of EM35x SoC. We can communicate with the device using serial communication with the UART. The device is mounted on /dev/ttyS2

I found an implementation of Zigbee Cluster Library (zcl) CLI on my vera:
:# which zigbee_rf

in order to start the CLI:
:# zigbee_rf -n 1 -p /dev/ttyS2

you now have a CLI and can start sending zigbee commands. Typing in “info” will give you an overview of endpoints and clusters, you can use this information to read/write values from zigbee devices. So far, I have not been able to actually read or write values since it fails, any help here will be appreciated.

The nodeid of the device I’m trying to read values from is: 0x5973
In theory, in order to read cluster 0x0020 attribute 0x0000 the command is:
zcl global read 0x0020 0x0000
send 0x5973 1 1

resulting in :
ERROR: ezspErrorHandler 0x22
ERROR: ezspErrorHandler 0x28

I will update when I find out more.