Sending {Picture(X)} no longer working in my setup

Hi Richard,

As of a few days ago, my picture viewing ability on my Android phone running VeraAlerts are not showing pictures anymore.
I can’t pick out anything in the log snippet below:

08	12/14/13 8:14:50.100	JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest device: 67 service: urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1 action: SendAlert
08	12/14/13 8:14:50.101	JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument Message=Front Door Opened {Picture(5)} <0x2bc3b680></span>
08	12/14/13 8:14:50.101	JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument Recipients= <0x2bc3b680></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.104	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:SendAlert:UsingDefaultRecipients:VeraAlerts-Chris <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.104	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:SendAlert:Msg:Front Door Opened {Picture(5)} <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.131	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:WebGetInfo:http://localhost:3480/data_request?id=request_image&cam=5 <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.582	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:WebGetInfo:Code:200 Size:182370 <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.589	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:ExpandRecipients:Checking:VeraAlerts-Chris <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.591	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:ExpandRecipients:Adding Requested Profile <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.593	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:SendAlert:Sending to:VeraAlerts-Chris <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:50.598	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:VeraAlertsSend:url: <0x2b508000></span>
50	12/14/13 8:14:51.039	luup_log:67: VeraAlert:67:VeraAlertsSend:Return:200 <0x2b508000></span>
06	12/14/13 8:14:51.040	Device_Variable::m_szValue_set device: 67 service: urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1 variable: </span><span style="background:black;color:magenta;font-weight:bold;">LastMsgSent</span><span style="background:black;color:white;"> was: 08:11:16 Sat Dec 14 now: 08:14:51 Sat Dec 14 #hooks: 0 upnp: 0 v:0x8f4e78/NONE duplicate:0 <0x2b508000></span>
04	12/14/13 8:14:51.091	<Job ID="856" Name="" Device="67" Created="2013-12-14 8:14:50" Started="2013-12-14 8:14:50" Completed="2013-12-14 8:14:51" Duration="0.988598000" Runtime="0.986764000" Status="Successful" LastNote=""/> <0x2b508000></span>

The alert comes in normally, but when I click the little icon to show the picture, your built-in picture viewer is blank (see below 2 screenshots)

Two considering causes outside of this plugin:
(1) I briefly disabled the option in the camera plugin to archive photos on the mcv servers, but turned them back on & verified that snapshots are again being sent to the servers. (An aside, I’m wondering if I even need this to be turned on in order to send pictures using Vera Alerts)

(2) I’m using your older Android app because my old phone is still only running Gingerbread 2.3.6 and maybe this plugin v4.3 changed something.

Any clues or pointers would be appreciated.



THe fix has is awaiting MCV audit.

The fix has been approved … Please upgrade to 4.4

Thanks Richard,

Working again! ;D