Sending formatted emails from Vera 3 / UI5

I want to send formatted emails from Vera 3 to myself. I would make up a daily status report, about those things that didn’t need immediate action, then send it once per day. How can I do this?

I’ve used the Email Notification plugin (SMTP Notification, from Massalia) which is great, but whatever I try to do, simple text formatting doesn’t work. I’ve tried using Luup coding to build up a string variable, with newline breaks, then send it using the SMTP Notification plugin. The newline breaks get stripped out and it’s just one long string of words. I suspect that its not the plugin stripping the newline characters out, but I’m not sure.

I also tried manually creating an http-formatted message in a text editor, then sending that through the plugin. It came out on Outlook as a plain text message, showing all the http code.

Does anyone know how to do what I want - I’d be happy with just newline breaks. Http would be better, but not essential.



I do not use this plugin but you must set the encoding for the SMTP message in order for it to be received by the e-mail client as HTML. Is there possibly a setting on the plugin for this or does it use custom SMTP headers.

Good point. There’s no setting like that in the settings under the UI5 interface. It’s possible that it can be done some other way, but I don’t know of any.