Sending AT commands to USB port on Veralite

Hi All, I have a simple relay board that accepts AT commands via USB to control the relays. I’m new to Vera programming and I’m wondering if there is a simple way to load something to test this board, without going through all the steps required to make a plugin?

I have looked at various examples, but it seems complicated and I don’t want to invest the time unless I’m sure I can make this board work. I just need to send ascii ‘x’ to turn all the relays on, and ascii ‘y’ to turn them all off.

Since my Veralite has only one USB port, I have bought an ordinary USB port splitter to give me 4 USB ports to work with, and I’m wondering also if this creates any problems sending AT commands to a particular USB port?

Is there a simple way to get Vera to do this?

Tks, Adrian