Send:No Response Frame

What does this mean “Send:No Response Frame” and how do i make it stop?

This is what happens to one of my switches when I run my All Off scene now. It seems to be preventing it from continuing the All Off scene from turning all the lights off.

Also got a “Send:No ACK” on a swtich (sounds like something “Bill the Cat” would say).

I’ve also gotten the message “transmitting command after ACK” anyone have a clue what ACK is?


I’m guessing that you have a device that has an out of date routing table. Try a repair to that node (no need to re-configure all devices) the repair will take just a few minutes and will update the route and neighbors.


Yours is a normal response. First a device is polled or woken up and then Vera waits for the acknowledgement, then transmits the message and waits for acknowledgement again. Usually by the time you see the message the conversation is over.


thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

ACK = Acknowledge, meaning a device didn’t send back an ACK or a NACK when it got a command.

It’s retarded to expose cryptic technical messaging in a UI intended for use by the general public.

Now rancho lets be PC here it’s “interface design challenged” ;D

Someone sounds a little frustrated this morning…

Personally, I’m glad the notifications are there, information is power. Generally speaking, I would guess most people using Vera have some technical ability and Vera is far from being used by the general public; if they are using it, I bet they are pulling their hair out!!..


Sounds like an operator head space error!!!