Send "network heal" command from vera to primary controller?

I would like to use Vera, which is a secondary controller in my network, to send a “network heal” command to the primary controller. Is this possible?

More info: the primary controller is a GE Simon XTI alarm console. It has a z-wave, but only a primitive user interface for z-wave. As far as I know, z-wave cannot be controlled from outside the home via the alarm company interface. Its z-wave network is slightly flakey and needs to be healed now and then, also when I am away from home.

I also have a Vera Edge enrolled as a secondary controller. It sees the Simon XTI as a scene controller and I can access it from away from home through the verahome web interface.

So again, my question is whether I can use the web interface on the vera to send a command to the Simon XTI to heal its network.

BTW, a natural response would be to suggest that I make Vera the primary controller, but this won’t do for me, because I would lose integration with the alarm sensors – for example, I have scenes where the alarm motion detectors trigger turning on lights, and the Vera cannot see the alarm sensors.

Hello @fredgoodman

Unfortunately, this kind of function is only available with the Vera controller as the primary controller. The Web UI on the vera controllers is capable of getting all the information from the slave controller only if the slave controller is attached to your Vera Edge as the primary.

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