Seluxit MultiSensor

Has anyone managed to include a Seluxit MultiSensor into Vera2?

If so, do all three sensors show in Vera.

i have one and it works with some versions of vera i can not tell what version is the best as its some time it worked for me and i dont dare playing with the firmware on my vera(in running 1.0.994) and are restarting it every night

I’m running on Vera2 Firmware level 1.1.1047
If a device cannot be included, are there any debugging tools to help in identifying the problem?

Now have the Multi-Sensor included - one dud battery caused the problem and the multi-sensor has no led to signify power on.

Now included, it only shows the PIR as a Motion Detector whereas the device has three other sensors for temperature, humidity, and light intensity. Does this mean that the ZWave driver in Vera2 cannot manage a multi-sensor device?

Just returned to the Dashboard page and I now have 3 added items sitting next to the Motion Detector icon with the new icons showing 1, 2, and 3 as the type respectively. I can’t do anything with them from the Settings page - runnning Poll Now gives a failed message. Any advice on what is happening and what I should do next?

Now I have yet another icon for the motion detector. It’s time to delete the device and start again. Any advice would be welcome on how to get all the sensors in this device included.

Having re-added, I have noticed on the dashboard the message Failed at: Getting Multi Channel info ???

Having left the dashboard for a while I now find that the three additional icons named 1,2, 3 are back with all acting as motion sensor???

Any joy with this?

I am trying to add/pair one, but get the message on my veralite dashboard (UI5):

“Waiting for wakeup to configure device”

Are all 4 sensors visible to vera?