Selling my US Z-Wave System

Apologies if I’m not supposed to do this sort of thing (couldn’t find the TOC for the forum).

I’m moving to the UK and am planning to sell off the remainder of my US HA devices before I go.

2x [url=]Intermatic CA600 Dimmer[/url]: $25
3x [url=]GE 45612[/url] Dimmer: $35
1x [url=]GE 45613[/url] 3-way Dimmer: $40
6x [url=]GE 45614[/url] 3-way Switch: $45
2x [url=]GE 45609[/url] Single-Pole Switch: $35
3x [url=]GE 45604[/url] Outdoor Switch: $25
3x [url=]Kwikset Door Lock[/url] (Satin Nickel): $150
2x [url=]GE 45600[/url] Scene Controller: $10
1x [url=]EVL-2DS[/url] DSC IP Module: $75

Prices are per item and negotiable if you buy multiples. Shipping is $5 per order (not per item).

Email me at if interested.