Security panels in the UK - integration with VeraLite

Hi guys,

just wondering, are there any security panels that can be integrated in an existing Z-Wave system? Basically, looking for a panel, where you have to press a button to tell it what mode to enter, then enter a code to arm the system, and as a result of that, it would then set the mode to the required away/vacation/night mode.

I’ve not found anything so far, in my searching that allows for this, so may consider something along the lines of using a sensor in the kitchen, to track movement, then using PLEG to determine the time of day. If no movement (and not at night) within 2 hours, set to away, if no movement in 4 hours, set to vacation… etc The wife can’t last more than an hour without tea, so these timelimits should be ok!



I’ve written a plug-in for the Texecom Premier range of panels, and now have about 50 users. I think it might suit your requirements.

I’ll PM you my e-mail address in case you’d like to chat offline.


Hi Alan

This system sounds interesting. Are there any details to show the setup required for implementing z-wave functionality in the premier range of alarms?

I’ll be be in touch if we do go down this route, regarding your plugin.


Setup instructions are included with the plug-in files.

I’ve got the DSC PC1832 alarm control panel along with and Envisalink 3 which allows vera to communicate with the panel. There is a pretty good DSC Alarm Control Plugin that creates devices for all the alarm control panel zones (PIR’s, Door/window switches I have several triggers in PLEG that I use to change the mode.

t_alarm_Armed is set when you arm the system and it’s action turns all the lights off and puts vera into Away Mode
t_alarm_Armed > 24hrs puts vera into vacation mode
t_alarm_entry_delay puts vera back into Home Mode

I wish I’d realised how good the integration of DSC/Envisalink3/Vera was going to be and I could have saved a lot of money on z-wave PIR’s that are now gathering dust in the basement. For some reason stand alone Alarm System PIR’s are less prone to false triggers than the z-wave ones I’ve tested. I know you can get over that with a bit of logic (# of triggers over time) but why bother when you’ve got it all with the DSC alarm.
just my two penneth