Secure SSR 302 No failsafe problem

I am fairly new to this! I’m using a Vera Plus (Firmware 1.7.4001) and I have just bought a Secure SSR 302, when I include it, it was not recognised as an SSR 302 only as a generic z-wave device.

I get a Parent device urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Heater:1 using device file D_Heater1.xml
And two child devices urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Heater:1 using device file D_BinaryLight1.xml

I can control the SSR 302 and it’s status gets reported (after about 5 mins) but I do not get any failsafe functions.

Any suggestions?

Hello ZenSlo,

We do not have this device model integrated with our controllers. Our list of compatible devices can be found at:
I suggest contacting our Customer Relations Department by sending an email to and seeing how we can assist you.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Bit late probably for @ZenSlo but just bought a new Secure 302 my old one wasnt zwave plus and I wanted a backup, any when I installed it I had the same problem you need to change the settings on the two child devices
device_type - urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:HVAC_ZoneThermostat:1

Device File - D_HVAC_ZoneThermostat1.xml
Device json - D_HVAC_ZoneThermostat1.json

Then it seems to work ok

Strange the older version Vera Plus picks it up correctly

So I thought the new one was ok after I made the changes above but when running a reactor sensor the HW sometimes turns off randomly but still shows calling for heat! (The receiver does not go into failsafe mode as this could cause that problem) I have spent hours looking at the logs to see if I could uncover what was causing this but cant pinpoint anything, when I put the older model back on everything works fine…

So its going back and I have just ordered a Nest 3rd Gen, I have been reading that the Vera Plugin is broken but to be honest I dont care…all I seem to be doing at the moment is removing things from Vera, the more I remove the more stable it gets, shame I really wanted “one ring to rule them all”


Not sure if this information helps?

I’ve had a single channel Secure set installed into Vera for years and I’ve never had any issues with it at all.

The Thermostat device SRT321, I believe is the parent device.


device_type = urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Heater:1
device_file = D_Heater1.xml
device_json = D_HeaterTempNoOnOff1.json
impl_file = None Specified
category_num = 5
subcategory_num = 2

id_parent = 1 (Vera)

Important: This Thermostat device is associated to the Boiler Receiver device in Z-Wave Association Group 2.

Boiler Receiver device (Switch) SSR303


device_type = urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Heater:1
device_file = D_Heater1.xml
device_json = D_HeaterTempWithOnOffNoBatEvent1.json
impl_file = None Specified
category_num = 5
subcategory_num = 2

id_parent = 1 (Vera)

Thanks @cw-kid the Thermostat has been been working ok mostly I reinstalled the old 2 channel then copied the config\settings which match yours above it then configured correctly but still had the problem random HW drop out but I guess the reply from ionut.a says it all… I just dont get why the older version is detected correctly and works, but the new zwave plus version does not, anyway game over for secure receiver and stat :wink: roll on Nest and my android phone

Thank you for posting a reply

Just for interest you get this with the two channel the relay sometimes shows on but Heat and off are show on the child devices

I don’t have the Off / Auto / Cool / Heat buttons at all on my Thermostat device:

The Boiler Receiver (Relay) looks like this:

I never touch the Boiler Receiver device at all.

I just set the Thermostat to 23 degress for ON and then the Boiler Receiver device changes itself to ON aka “Heat”.

And I set the Thermostat to 10 degress for OFF and and then the Boiler Receiver device changes itself to Off.

Don’t know if that’s how its meant to work? But I’ve always used it this way.

Your thermostat looks the same as mine I just didn’t post the icon for it :grinning:

Except you have Off / Auto / Cool / Heat buttons I don’t on mine.

My thermostat


My relay settings

Heating Channel

HW Channel


So where did the screen shot above come from showing the Off / Auto / Cool / Heat buttons?

Or do you have four devices?

The Thermostat, the Relay and the two child devices Heating and HW.

yes correct

Makes sense now.

On the single channel one I have, I only have the two devices the Thermostat and the Relay.

I set it up years go, so no idea if things changed later, but it’s always worked in the way I described.

Not that I know Jack, but dont upgrade leave well alone :wink:


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Can you do me a favour and look at your Secure Thermostat parent device on the Params tab

What are these values set as?


You previously posted screen shots of the relay switch and the two child devices for the channels, but not the actual thermostat parent device.


Sorry, ripped it out and went for a Nest Thermostat which sits outside Vera now thanks to frickin Google!

its in the garage in a box, If I get chance tonight I’ll reinstall it and post the shots up

Oh yeah I forgot you were switching to a Nest thermostat.

Don’t worry if it’s too much trouble.

it wont take long, just need to make sure I do it before I get mullered tonight :wink: :clinking_glasses: :champagne:

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