Secuirty Panel Interface

Question for the Vera Developers, I currently have an Ademco Vista-10SE secuirty panel that I can add a VISTA ICM (Internet conrtol module) to. Will Vera support security systems? If so which ones?

While not an answer to you question, if you happen to be interested in mucking about with the Vista ICM, I wrote a .NET class library that allows you to get the status from the device. The package also contains a sample Windows application to view the status and documentation on the communication format (as much as I could figure out). I wrote about it here:

When we get the Lua interface going you’ll be able to do it with Lua.


Great information doc…

So what is needed in order to get a security system to communicate with Vera?

First thing you would need is some way to access the security system, such as an internet connection module. Second thing you need is a script to do the translation / spoofing of commands. This is the hard part! I just picked up a LUA book from Amazon so I am going to read it. Hopefully, I can build a script to do what I need. I’m a H/W Engineer so S/W engineering is not my specialty.

At the moment, until the Lua module is done, an interface would need to be written in c/c++. But we’re very close to finishing the release version and Lua is next on our todo list.

Thanks for the documentation I’ve been able to write a few simple lua lines that when attached to a scene will let me Arm and Disarm.

2 Problems though:

  1. No Feedback (Which I would have to create a lua device for) Just no time to learn and the documentation is too sparse
  2. To Disarm - I had to script my actual disarm code (big security no-no) again I can solve this with creating a virtual keypad in a lua device.

I just need to learn how to make a device!!!

Anyway, this has allowed me to easily disarm and arm, before when I wanted to do this remotely, I had to ssh in and hit my web server on the vista icm.

If anyone has any pointers on how to develop a pluggin for newbies please let me know. I browsed the wiki and it was light on substance and examples.