Any idea what the “search” does on UI4?

Try it :wink:

You may not have enough devices to make it work, but it just shows the devices with the search term in the name.

If I type LIV, it only shows my two living room light devices. Pretty handy for large networks of devices.

Reason I asked, I type something in, but no reply. Afteryou type in Liv, what do you hit?

You don’t have to hit anything as the screen updates/filters dynamically with each letter entered.

Thanks! That’s why I asked, because the search on the top has no function for me. I’m not going to worry too much about if for now, it’s just I wanted to know it’s function. Actally what happens is, when I start typing any letter, the rooms stay on the dashboard, but the Icons dissapear. If I log off, then back on, everything is back.