Schlage Motion Sensor

I bought a few new ones and forgot to put the jumper to the 5 seconds setting. Is there any way via Vera to figure out which ones have a particular jumper setting? Really don’t want to have to go through the entire house, but I will if needed.

I have several of them and as far as i know that isn’t reported implicitly to Vera. You might be able to back into by observing the values in the "Last Tripped’ field (Advanced Tab). The other way might work for you would be to pull up the UI on a tablet or notebook, go into the room in question and watch the “little man” change from green to red then wait for it to go green again, that will give you an idea of the delay interval.

But frankly the best way is to open it up and look at it :slight_smile: — then write it down somewhere :slight_smile: I enter the time in the Header Bar with the name e.g. “Family Room Motion (10 Sec)”