Schlage Locks inconsistent with VeraLite

I have four Schlage locks on my VeraLite system and for three years they have been inconsistent in communicating. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the inconsistencies. Some of the locks will go for days without reporting triggers, and some will show various “Not Configured” messages from time to time. Functions like changing PINs usually work OK, but often are very slow (sometimes new PINs won’t show up for hours after a change). All four locks are less than 20 feet from the controller, but I have tried deploying devices strategically to improve communication anyway. Nothing seems to help.

All other devices work flawlessly 98 percent of the time.

This morning while researching, I ran across this statement: “-is that device a door lock? If so you will need to add in your z-wave network a security compatible (encryption capable) device which can relay the encrypted signal that the door lock needs to communicate with the Vera unit.” But I cannot find a switch or bridge that says it has this compatibility. Does anyone know of one?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Shawn Means

Shawn, it sounds like something is either hampering communication or they are on the edge of radio reception.

You could try adding a few lamp dimmers (AC powered devices act as repeaters) strategically placed to link them to another AC powered device to repeat back to the controller or back to the controller directly. Note there is a limit of going through 3 devices. 900Mhz radios such as cordless phones, baby monitors… can effect performance as well.

If there are metal objects, foil wall paper, mirrors… between the locks and the controller they can cause problems.

Most of the lock manufacturers say don’t use rechargeable batteries as they do not perform as well and they tend to drop off a cliff when the charge gets low.

If you controller is not in a central location in your home and you can try moving it that may help too. It worked wonders in my old house.

I can confirm. I have 4 Schlage locks and no issues. But each of them has a GE/Jasco mains power device (switch, dimmer, plug or outdoor plug) within less than 3 feet. Each of which has a direct connection to Vera.
The GE/Jasco units support ZWave beaming (encrypted) protocol which is what the locks use.

Thanks Marc, all good suggestions - and all of which I had already heeded before posting this question.

As for distance - One of the locks is only 6 feet from the controller and it has just as many problems as the others. I keep the batteries fresh, but it hasn’t made a difference.

I have tried installing plug-in light controls and dimmers in strategic locations to no avail, so that was the reason I posted the question about whether there are devices (switches, repeaters or bridges)available that are advertised as “security encryption capable”

BOFH’s comment about the GE/Jasco beaming switches is helpful. Will these work with VeraLite?

They will work with all current Vera’s. I’ve run/am running them on Vera 2, Vera 3, Vera Edge and Vera Plus so I have no doubt they will also work on the VeraLite.

Make sure to use quality alkaline batteries and do not use NiCad or NiMh rechargeables as I can confirm from experience they cause issues. I use Costco’s Kirkland alkalines as in several recent tests they show to perform as well as Duracell and Energizer but are far lower cost.

I have a Kwikset 910 and was unreliable for the first 2 years of having it, now I am very happy with it. I will tell you what I did and you can make the determination as well. Maybe it will be useful.

From the history of Vera through UI5, 6, and 7 there was differences in polling and wakeup intervals. On my lock I couldn’t explain why I would rarely if ever see entries such as the variable status updates like I did for other devices. I know it’s a battery operated device but because a lock supports beaming and is designed to be interrogated it should be reporting more status in the logs.

If you haven’t done so, I suggest downloading the Excel macro log reader on this forum called ELVira. After a long time of pouring through the logs and watching the patterns of activity and never seeing the lock report status, I changed a bit more drastically 2 settings.

ConfiguredWakeupInterval: 300
PollSettings: 1800

Now going back to the log I suddenly noticed all the variable status updates the lock was doing like never before. It was updating the same time other devices on the network were. Since I had played a lot polling and testing yes I did wear those batteries down. I replaced them with the Red Energizer Lithium I think it was for a good fresh start. I do believe this was the magic sweet spot for my lock.

I can tell you when I had UI6 it worked better “briefly” then UI7 was terrible since as long as I can remember. My thinking was always the higher the value was better because it is battery operated. In my case this didn’t turn out to be true. It was the opposite I needed.

I further keep an eye on the lock using AltUI with integration into ThinkSpeak and monitor PollRatings and LastPollSuccess. I ensure the lock is doing what it is supposed to and my scene now fires very quick, small delays here and there, but the notification and accuracy has jumped to 100% reliability since these settings. It has been about 2 weeks and I have never NOT gotten a notification of the door opening/closing whereas before it was hit or miss.

Good luck to you.