Schlage Lock Slow Response

I have a schlage deadbolt connected to my veralite (12 feet away with a clear line of sight). It is 100% reliable. The problem is that sometimes it takes ~5 seconds to respond (that’s fine), and sometimes it takes a minute to respond. When I command a light switch instead of the lock (with everything else the same) it takes less than a 1/2 second every time. So using my high tech complicated zwave system to remotely unlock the door when someone is waiting there to get in (the user is in a wheelchair with MD) is quite frustrating and essentially unacceptable. I am scratching my head and investingating further, but in the meantime… Anyone have any insights into this?

OK, after studying it for a while, it looks like vera gets clogged up waiting for a response from the lock (or something like that). If I don’t do anything with the system for a couple minutes, I can always get an immediate response from the lock, then I can immediately get a second and even third response (it’s responsive for about 10…15 seconds), then the whole vera system gets clogged… unresponsive. Then after about 30 seconds, scenes start to get spit out, and I’m back to normal.

Loooking through the system updates, I see this was sort of looked at before (fix 2119), so it’s probably related to that, but looks to me like this is still a bit wonky.

Doing a bit of devving for a good friend in a wheelchair, and we can live with things like this, yet, it would be nice (and comforting) to have this straightened out. I can send logs or do tests if that helps. Thanks!!!