Schlage Lock and AEON repeater and manual route and Vera 3

I just installed a schlage lock. It worked great while I left the VERA 3 on the floor next to it. I could add pins, get notifications, scheduled access control etc. As soon as I moved the Vera back to it normal position and did a heal, the device wouldn’t configure or would configure but had poor communications saying unable to get manufacturer. I have two GE wall switches and added one AEON repeater within 5 feet line of sight of the switch. How do I configure the route manually to go from VERA 3 to the repeater to the switch? I tried putting the repeaters ID in the manual route field of the lock in the device options tab, but that didn’t seem to do anything.

Is there anything else I can try. I can’t really move the VERA as I want to add other locks around the house.

Any luck with this?

I’m having similar issues with my lock. Works great when Vera is near it but when I move Vera to its resting place (and run a heal), I get errors such as “Failed at: Getting manufacture”.

I have several devices (all within 10-15 feet) that I assume would work as a repeater but none seems to be working).

GE, Leviton, Cooper, and Aeon.

My autoroute looks fairly sad:

I’m guessing my devices aren’t routing properly as they all have good signals/routes back to Vera.

No resolution. I just moved the Vera closer. Support offered to try setting up a manual route but I don’t have time to keep messing with it right now. It will only be an issue if I add another lock.

That’s too bad. It’s almost as if the lock needs a direct path to Vera.

Maybe I will open a ticket if I can’t find a solution.

Does anyone know if the aeon repeater supports ZNB (“Zensor Net Beaming”)? Supposedly, the node nearest the lock needs to support ZNB (to wake up the lock).

Also, see the section, “Adding range to your lock”, in