Schlage LiNK™ FE599 Keypad Lever Lock (Satin Nickel) - $79.00

Saw this at promo - thought I will share. There are other z-wave products on sale. This is a web only price.

wow awesome, too bad I bought all mine already! :o

Trane thermostat for 99 too

Makes me sick, just bought like 26 deadbolts and RP200’s like a month ago, haven’t even installed most of them yet. Could have saved like $2500.

Trane back up to 149, but got in on a Schlage Lever, GE remote and module. That’s a crazy price for the locks (satin nickel color only).

Ha ha…tell me about it. Got 3 of those bad boys…lever style. Was contemplating the starter kit as well since it is only $20 more, but not sure what I will do with the link unit. Not paying their monthly fees for sure…

You get an RP200 dimmer/light module with the kit, so at that price you can throw the bridge away and still come out on the deal.

Ha ha…tell me about it. Got 3 of those bad boys…lever style. Was contemplating the starter kit as well since it is only $20 more, but not sure what I will do with the link unit. Not paying their monthly fees for sure…[/quote]

Heads up, the sale is back at This time, all colors of the lock are on sale ($79 for lock, $99 for starter kit). Trane thermostat is also at $99 again, and the GE z-wave products are also on sale.

Radio Shack has ways to go to improve their inventory control. What is the point in putting all the schlage’s for sale when everything except the satin nickel is out of stock.

I got my lock today! Came by FedEx.

Problem is, I can’t install it (z-wave wise) :frowning: (Failed to Learn error.) The great thing, it has a Schlage bridge with it, I threw away my old bridge, but I’m thinking MCV’s lack of response on the error will eventually have me using that new bridge. I just checked the bugs page, and it’s STILL not listed yet, and that has me disappointed and frustrated.

You might try doing a factory reset on the lock, there are pdf instructions posted on the forums here in an early Schlage post (I couldn’t find the factory reset procedure in my original Schlage instructions). Reset it and then make sure you’re including it as a lock and that it is in close proximity to Vera.

I received mine yesterday and it setup just fine, I now have two. Going by memory I think you do a factory reset by pressing the top keypad key, I think it is marked Schlage, it also lights up the keypad, hold the button in while removing one of the batteries.
To register the lock put Vera into include one, 60 seconds, full power (depending on the distance from the lock), enter your lock code, press the Schlage button then 0. It takes a minute to register and when it does the Schlage button will flash green.

I received mine but they send me an open box item and since I was not going to install the lock right away as I needed a new door installed first, I did not want to take the risk of it not working when I did this couple of months later. I called their customer service and will have it returned it back to them. In the mean while, I took a stroll to their store close by and got a new lock as the price is no longer just a web price but the sale price at the store as well. When I was there I noticed the deadlock started kit was only $49.00 - a saving of more than $250.00 off the original price.

BONUS! Call your local Shack and ask them about the starter kit, it’s on clearance for $49.99. I just called and got one for that price. Thanks for the post, what a deal

FYI, called a few stores locally, have them check for the starter kit, and scan it and look in the system for a $50 rebate bringing the $99.99 down to $49.99. Most stores don’t carry these, but if they do, be persistent, and you’ll get the deal. Bonus is that they come with an ACT lamp module that also has load sensing capabilities, so that’s worth at least $29.99 so you are really getting the deadbolt and useless controller for $20!!!

Please explain the $50 rebate angle…

I have found a local store with one, but I need to know where the $50 rebate info is or what to say. They are hard to find indeed, but there are still some stores with at least the locks for $79…does the rebate apply those too?

Do I have to give them an iPhone to get the rebate???

thank you

You need to find the “starter kit” with the gateway and lamp module along with the deadbolt or handle lock. Once you get one of these starter kits which are $99, a scan of it at the register brings it down another $50 with an instant rebate. I just found 2 more of these at a local shack and grabbed both of them. what a deal!

@myhomeserver, you are not in the MI area are you? The RS store I went to said there is a person going store to store buying all the last units in stock. ;D ;D ;D
I did manage to get one though for $50. Like mentioned, get the starter kit and it WILL ring for $99, ask the cashier to check if there is an instant rebate on this and voila…as they enter the code the price drops to $50. NICE…wish I could get a couple more though.

Nope,I’ve been molesting all the radio shacks in the NH area :slight_smile:


Thanks @myhomeserver I didn’t even have to raise my voice at the register, the $50 came right off.

The price plaque on the shelf under the starter kit said $49.99 and the lady ringing me up looked to be shocked at the price drop even though she didn’t know what the product was or what it did…priceless.

Things like this just don’t make sense and it takes me to see-it-for-myself to believe it. Thank you.

Crap. I saw the price online and ordered it. I should have gone to the store. I wonder if there’s any chance I can return and repurchase the units in-store after they arrive? Otherwise I’ll try the local store on my way home tonight (I’m in MI so I hope they haven’t been purchased already).