Schlage lever lock

Just installed the schlage lever on Vera2 UI4 with no problems and so far I’m very pleased with it, here’s my question:
Does anyone know what are the actual triggers for 1) “a door is opened or closed” and 2) “lock button is pressed”
the first does nothing when i enter a pin and open the door (perhaps since the lock resets itself before the node gets polled) and only seems to react if i use the “unlock” or “lock” button
is the second one exclusive to the “lock” button inside or any button on the lock?

From what I have experienced with this lock, Vera’s lock & unlock activate the same as the lock and unlock buttons inside the house.

I have a scene created that turns on some lights in the house when a valid pin code is entered and then turns them off 5 minutes later. That works very well. So I believe the answer to your second question is that YES the ‘lock button is pressed’ is for the inside button only.

Since the PIN code scheduling is not working with UI4, it may be that the Door opens or closes isn’t working either. I know of nothing which tells Vera the motion status of the door based on the lock features. There is no signal event for closing a door, and the ‘open door’ event is the same as entering a valid PIN code. There is no proximity sensor with the schlage lever lock that I am aware of. You would need an independent window/door sensor to trip such an open/close event.

Hope this helps answer your question.

thanks for your reply it makes sense, I have since read another post that suggests that when creating a scene for this lock choosing “a door is opened or closed>opened” = unlock button pressed inside house, and “a door is opened or closed>closed” = lock button pressed inside house, I will test this when I’m onsite, thanks again for your reply

Please do reply. This would be strange because there is no reason to use the ‘Unlock’ button inside the house to open the door. I guess you could use this function as a scene controller of sorts. If what you describe is correct, then the ‘Lock’ / ‘Unlock’ status is more like a door sensor which is either ‘Armed’ or ‘dis-armed’ and entering a PIN code would be the equivvalent of being ‘tripped’. The mechanism automatically resets then to be ‘un-tripped’.

I guess this makes some sense when you think of it this way.