Schlage Kwikset or Yale?

looking for a deadbolt lock to put on my outside doors, out of all 3 motorized deadbolts, which are the most reliable with paired with the Vera 3? Which are going to give me the least problems?

My Schlage worked quite well with Vera, but occasionally would not retain pin codes until I entered them on the lock.

My Yale lock was very flaky. It would retain all codes for a while, then none of them would work. This would repeat every month or two. Very annoying.

I personally will go with Schlage in the future.

I’ve had great experience with Schlage… I have 3 - they been very reliable (no flakiness) and customer service has been fantastic both with tech support and replacing a DOA unit.

Same comments for kwikset.

  • Garrett

I have the Kwiksets for my deadbolts. Happy with them. Had a bad Z-Wave card in one, which was promptly replaced, free of charge; so an excellent customer service experience. I only have a few codes programmed, and basically never change them. They have always worked.

Did Kwikset fix the Smart Key locks yet?

[quote=“clambert, post:6, topic:176501”]Did Kwikset fix the Smart Key locks yet?

There is no “fix”. I would not buy any lock that had any sort of “easy rekey” option. I’d make a thief do at least a little more work.

btw, I would not buy any Kwikset locks anyway. They are no better than generic brands. Anything I’d use for myself, I’d buy Schlage - or better quality locks.