Schlage deadbolt question

Not really a Z wave issue, but hopefully someone can figure out what’s going on.

I excluded, then included my Schlage deadbolt from Vera.

Afterwards, all my codes worked fine, BUT, the lock now doesn’t require ANY codes- you just need to push the Schlage button for it to unlock/lock. I am not sure the exclude/include caused this, but that’s when I noticed it.

So, I manually deleted all user codes. Then manually added the 2 codes I needed.

Same issue. I checked the placement of the cam inside the lock, and it’s correct.

Basically, I have a lock that anyone can get into without a code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Was the lock removed and now have a problem?
Schlage button unlocks and code locks the bolt?
If yes, sounds like the tailpiece (bar from lock through door to lever) is around the wrong way.


Yes, I removed the lock and re-installed it (I needed to get my program code).

I will go and check the tailpiece right now…thanks!

Many thanks, JOD! Works great!