Schlage deadbolt event - not working

I tried to setup a notification even for the Schlage deadbolt, but I can’t seem to get it to work.
Installing the deadbolt was a lot of trouble, but I finally got it in clean by following
and got all the green lights at the right time (no red), so it looks like everything is installed correctly.
I tried to create an event by creating a scene and adding an event and indicating it should notify me (by checking my user, which has an email address associated with it), but I don’t see the events get triggered. I have tried this for specific PIN code entries and bad PIN code entry (separate scene for each event). Have others gotten this to work? I also clicked Hidden from the dashboard since this is a notification event, not something I want to click on to make the scene trigger.

Also, is it the case that the current lock status is indicated by the current blue-highligted entry (between Unlock and Lock)? So if the word Lock is currently highligted in blue (without passing the mouse over it), then that means the deadbolt is locked? Just want to make sure I am reading it right. I did check the cam installation, etc.


My first question is about how far Vera is from the lock. My Schlage only works when Vera is in close proximity to the lock. Some on this forum have had success with Vera farther away and the Schlage lamp module as an endpoint repeater, but it doesn’t work for me.

And yes, you have interpreted the lock status buttons correctly. It’s poorly labeled. I requested a change in the UI months ago, but haven’t heard whether it will be done in the next release.

Thanks for the response.
The lock is quite close to vera - probably about 15 feet - through one wall.
I can add and remove codes via vera, so it can correctly communicate with the lock via zwave.
When setting it up, that distance was still too long as I had lots of trouble. The troubleshooting document said to have vera connected to the internet during setup and within 10 feet, so I uninstalled the lock and put it together right next to vera to add the device. Once added, I returned it to its correct location and verified that it could communicate by adding and deleting PINs successfully.

Is there something else I need to do to trigger an email event?

i haven’t been able to get mine to work either with “specific pin codes” or “bad pin codes”. the only notification i could get to work was one that essentially notified me anytime the door was opened or close.

HI Kristinaw
You did not state the version of vera that you are using. Take the time and upgrade to 979 the features that you are looking for are there. Please remember the fail pin will only work on the 4th try.