Schlage bolt lock, once pin is entered, I want a chain of control script.

Hi all:

I just recently bought veralite and even though I do not know of all the possibilities that this unit can offer (just a newbie now), I still like it so far.

My question is this, I hope I am posting in the right thread. Anyway, I have Aeon Labs Aeotec on/off and dimmer switch. I want to be able to have a script that once a users unlock my schlage deadbolt with a pin, the Aeon Labs Aeotec would be activated which would turn on a lamb that I have attached to it (and this is optional: turns on for perhaps 15 minutes then turns off). I know a bit of programming but I don’t know where to start, if anyone has a similar script then I would appreciated if I could be pointed to that direction then I would figure out the rest by myself–better yet, if someone has written exactly what I just wanted, please share. :slight_smile:

Again, I am new, so please bear that in mind when you answer my question.

I appreciate your time for reading or answering.