Schlage Battery Replacement

My Schlage deadbolt is showing a low battery in the UI4 display. It is currently at 24%. I am not local and would have my property manager make the replacement. A couple of questions:

At 24% would the batteries survive to mid December?

Should both 9v and AA batteries be replaced or should one be retained.

Will the lock lose any settings or need reprogramming? Is that affected by which batteries are replaced.

Any other hints are welcome. This is a rental home and I need to keep code access available.


It all depends on the lock use, but I would have them replaced ASAP, and my rule of thumb is replace BOTH sets of batteries at the same time. The AA’s are for the Z-Wave Radio and the 9V powers the keypad.

No settings will be lost, but I don’t waste time in replacing them, take the back cover off, get the new batteries ready, remove the old ones and plop in the new ones. Good luck!

I doubt that your batteries would last that long but they might, if you are using alkalines (which I believe the lock measures more accurately) they are nearly exhausted, If using NiMh batteries they may have a bit more juice than the lock is indicating, in either case other factors such as temperature will play in (cold affects them adversly). As far as changing both, since you are not onsite it’s not worth the (small) cost of saving a battery to have problems later but it is an interesting question, has anyone experimented with this? I have found that the battery meter is reflecting the state of the AA batteries not the 9V, and as I am using rechargeables (AA) which dont last as long as advertised (in lock literature) I am currently trying to leave the 9V for more than 1 cycle of AA change. Will report results over time.
Important as far as loosing settings, you must not hit any buttons on the lock while the batteries are out, this can result in the need for reprogramming! If you dont touch any buttons while the power is disconnected you should not need any reprogramming.
Good Luck!

You have to change the 9v?


I forgot it exists. I’ve changed the aa’s several times but have yet to futz with 9v.

[quote=“michaelk, post:4, topic:169388”]You have to change the 9v?

I forgot it exists. I’ve changed the aa’s several times but have yet to futz with 9v.[/quote]
Interesting, how long has it lasted for you?

I’ve stopped changing the 9V for the Last two cycles. I check them with a battery tester and they are perfectly healthy. I change the AAs about 9 months to a year when the meter turns red.

thanks for the feedback, ill see how far I can push the 9v 8)

Good info!
I’m 1 month into my 2nd set of “AA” batts and don’t plan on replacing the 9V till I have to rather than replacing it along with the “AA” batts.

So the big question is, what battery is Vera reporting on? I would assume just the AA’s?

That is correct

I had 2 Schlage locks which were reading <25% on Vera2 dashboard (settings tab). Using my ZTS Pulse Load battery tester, I found the 9v to >= 80% capacity and the AA to be 10-20%.