Schedules for Time of Day not triggering?

For some reason my time of day schedules are not changin from true to false and vice versa as the time passes into true/false. Am I missing something obvious?

I manually trigger the test on (WeekendMoning) at 12:01 as it didnt turn to true… it also hasne moved to false as the time elapsed.

Anyone know what’s going on here? I’m having the same problem just in the last couple of weeks.

Have you run the code to disable lua reload on timejumps by any chance?


I don’t know, how would I do that? Sounds like that could be it as it is an intermittent problem and some are triggering and then not switching off and others are not triggering at all.

Seems unlikely then
It’s detailed here, but probably not your issue


Sometimes you have to toggle the schedule. Toggle it true (if it should be false) and back to false.