Schedule is true when is obviously shouldn't be

I have a schedule that runs from 00:00:00 saturday to 23:59:59 sunday called “weeekend”. However for some reason yesterday (Thursday) at 12:56:44 it became true and I can’t figure out why! Any help would be appreciated. I’ve attached a screenshot of the PLEG status report for Schedules which clearly shows that it is true when I don’t think it should be. I admit I could be missing something.

What version pleg are you using. I have an issue where a condition goes true off a trigger that never happened. I have a condition that is set to turn the AC off if doors are left open. Randomly every once in a while the condition is triggered to show all the doors are closed and turns the therm back on even though nothing has changed and the trigger still shows the door being open. I have been trying to track down the problem and not sure if it’s related to what you are seeing.

PLC and PLEG are both 6.9.

As far as I can tell, this is my only strange trigger. The rest seem to operate correctly.

I just had a thought! We did lose power about that time and my battery backup for my internet went down. I also do not currently have the Vera on battery backup so it died. My guess is that the vera started up and didn’t have the time set so maybe the default date is on a saturday or sunday?

That being said, how do I get it to go back to false like it should be?

Rebooting should fix the Vera Time.
Go into the schedule editor and click Do it now should toggle the schedule if it’s currently out of sync.

Awesome! Thanks @RichardTSchaefer! I was just freaking out this morning when things didn’t “happen” like they should on a weekday. Is there anyway to have PLEG re-evaluate the schedules on start up, or is that just not a good idea? I could see where some schedules that have only “starts” and are set to repeat could throw people for a loop.

I think this was an off occurrence and I have a new battery backup on the way so it shouldn’t matter much longer.

Thanks for the help again good sir! You’re always a great help!

Currently I just pass the schedule parameters to Vera to execute. (i.e. the parameters for the luup.call_timer function).

In order to handle a missed scheduled … I would need re-implement the Vera Scheduler function … and evaluate each set of arguments for a previous schedule … and see if the time stamps match (with a few ms tolerance). It’s on my to do list … but its not trivial code and it has not raised to a high enough priority yet.