Schalge Lock - Bad PIN Code entered

I have a Schlage lock and I tried to setup a scene for Bad PIN Code entered. I found out after trying once or twice to enter a bad code that it wasn’t firing. Then after letting my son play with it we realized that you have to enter a bad code 4 times before the scene will fire.

Is there any way to make it fire after the second attempt?

Also I would love the ability to have the Event type as A PIN Code was entered; Which user code as: Any instead of having to create an event for each user. If I’m having someone come over and need to let them in while I wont be there, I would like to be able to say, enter 1234, without having to define the rest of the events to turn on the lights and all that. But I guess as i’m typing this and thinking about that, it’s not going to be a major issue, but it would still be nice.

Boyo, I too would like Vera to have a “Anyone entered a User Code” feature, and I urge you to try “A door is opened or closed” with your Schlage device, and see if this lets you create the trigger you want.

Meanwhile, I’m fairly certain I read elsewhere that the so-called “Bad (wrong) User code entered” event is only triggered by the Schlage after three attempts. I think this is by design, namely that the Schlage developers didn’t want users having to deal with a bunch of “wrong code entered” events … but that three – an arbitrary number to be sure – constituted (to them) a definitive threat level.

Therefore, I’m unsure whether Vera even knows about the first two (or, as you indicated, maybe even a third) incorrect user code entry.

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Vera does not get a report on just a single user code. Schlage handles the bad user code. and when the default occurs the lock sends a Zwave code and Vera interpets it.

I have two scenes for the “A door is opened or closed”. One of them is set to Open the other Closed, and after playing with them for awhile it seems that they are only triggered when the lock is manually operated from the inside. So I have a scene set for Open that turns on the light in the hall, and one for Closed that is set for Light: Unchanged, After 1 Minute, Off. So that When I lock the door at night, I can make my way to bed and then the light will go out.

How cool! Thanks, Boyo… I always wondered what those Events did. :slight_smile:
I’ll definitely want to use them now…

I set up a scene in 879 that is supposed to turn on a lamp whenever someone unlocks the Schlage deadbolt (from the inside … not by entering a user code), as per the above suggestion, and … it doesn’t work at all.

Perhaps more experimentation is needed?

I’m using the door handle, and when you lock and unlock the door it’s electronic, where the deadbolt is purely mechanical. At least I think it is, I’ve only played with it in Lowes. I did find a Lowes here that sells the starter kit, but not the extra lamp modules :frowning:

This is the one I use,

I believe your assessment is correct, about the deadbolt’s and handleset’s different functionality (and, yes, the inside mechanism on the deadbolt is a mechanical/manual one)…

… but clearly Vera is aware of the deadbolt’s latch position – because her Dashboard updates to reflect each change – so I believe it’s fair to expect Vera’s scenes to react to “door opened” triggers from either Schlage device.

If this assertion is wrong, then Vera should naturally exclude the “Door opened” event under “Deadbolt”, right?

It’d probably be better to call these “Lock unlatched” events rather than “Door opened”, as the latter connotes something only a magnetic sensor could detect.

I would definitely have to agree with that, it would cause alot less confusion I would think. I tried for about 15 mins to set a scene using Door Opened instead of Pin code entered, then accidentally hit the button on the back and realized what it was doing.

UPDATE: Yay! I upgraded to firmware 886 this morning, and lo and behold, was able to create a scene that turns on a lamp in response to my Schlage deadbolt being unlocked from the inside.

Very cool!!

Cool, seems like 886 is fixing quite a few things.

My first post here…very cool forum!

This post really helped me automate my new Vera install. (I installed and have been playing with Vera for about a month or so now…)

Previously, I was first opening my Schlage lock (via iPhone or PIN), then manually selecting my “I’m Home.” But, per Boyo’s suggestion, I set up my first event to fire the scene after “any” PIN code was entered. So this is possible, at least under 616.

I think I have actually just experienced my first vera lock up today, so I may be upgrading to the latest Beta firmware.

Boyo and LibraSun, I noticed you just upgraded recently…how stable is the beta firmware?

Thanks in advance!

Jacobly, insofar as I’m only on my third firmware revision (616, 862, now 886 and quickly losing track!) and have only owned Vera for 1 month (exactly)…

…I can only say that my Vera has never locked up, and only .862 gave me any hassles (of not running certain Timer-based scenes or honoring the “deadbolt unlatched” issue mentioned above).

.886 not only solved those minor issues, but seems WAY faster to me in terms of response. And not just in the UI! Today, as a matter of fact, I experimented with making a lamp “flash”, and Vera was definitely able to keep up with my mouse-clicking, as fast as I could click ON and OFF, and never lost a beat!!

(FYI, I aim to make that a Feature Request: “Flash” for lights in scenes.)

Welcome aboard! This Forum rocks. And so does the potential of Vera.

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Thanks for the quick reply! So, I just upgraded to 862, how do I get the latest, 886? I tried the url that was given for 862, then replaced the “862” with “886”, but to no avail… (My front door PIN code event is not activating my scene on .862…)

thanks again!

Jacobly, I can only reassure you that the correct download link for 886 is, indeed:


field should accept this without any trouble. Worked for me and others.

On the number “4”, Schalge also freezes the entry panel for 30 seconds once 4 incorrect codes are entered. Unfortunately, it only freezes it for 30 seconds. That is not nearly long enough for PINs of 4 digits. But at least with Vera we can cause alerts, etc. :slight_smile:

I seem to have door open and door closed backwards on my system … any ideas?

Would this help:

It’s very confusing but “Door Open” means that the deadbolt is open sticking out of the door. “Door Closed” is deadbolt is retracted. It makes no sense and should just be "Door Locked"and “Door Unlocked”. Hopefully this will be changed in future firmware updates.