Scenes that activate scenes?

I have created a “wake up” scene which I’ve found very nice, it turns on lights in the bathroom, turns the bedroom light on to 25% and adjusts the temp (and will eventually turn on TV to weather channel for my wife). The issue is, sometimes someone stays home during the week and they don’t want the lights to come on in the morning. It would be great if I could create a scene that I could control, by a remote, that activates or deactivates (either way would be fine) another scene. I can’t find anything on this and I think I even asked when I first bought my Vera a couple years ago but since we’ve had a few upgrades since wasn’t sure if it was possible now.

I also have a wake up scene that I can anable or disable using a virtual device.
What I did Is the following:
Create a virtual decice on off switch
Then on the scene code review the status of the virtual switch if it Is on return false for the scene so it dose not execute.
Search for virtual device for instructios on how to set up one

Great, thank you.