Scenes Stopped Working

Was playing with PLEG and DSC Plugin, basically when door opened and disarm alarm trigger a scene. Was working great the few times I tested it. After it ran 5 or 6 times the DSC plugin was showing communication errors and ALL scenes stopped working… Undid changes in PLEG, uninstalled DSC plugin and reinstalled it. Have tried restoring from a backup but all scenes still don’t work. Can manually control devices but not one scene works. Tried erasing and recreating a scene but they will not work. Any idea?
Have a support email in to Micasa


Seems the automatic network heal in the middle of the night fixed the problem. All is working again.
Also had an email from micasa with the offer of help. Thanks for the quick reply from the support team.
Still don’t know how I screwed things up just happy it fixed itself :slight_smile: