SceneFlow - New Vera App

I started a thread back in January for creating a new Vera app and received some great suggestions. I’m happy to say that I’ve completed v1 of the app. The focus of the first release was simplicity, usability and basic home control. Version 2 features will include some of the more complex ideas discussed (like floor plan view and user management) - if those are still in demand.

The app has been built like a universal remote in that any home automation platform can be plugged in. The first release supports direct control of:

Vera UI7 (tested with VeraLite)
Insteon Hub (2245)
Philips Hue Bridge

v1 is iPhone-only (Android and web versions will follow). If anyone wants to help beta test, I’d love to hear from you. I’d also appreciate feedback on additional features you like to see.

I’d be happy to help test. have a vera lite and a plus

Thanks sebby! Just waiting on Apple approval. Will PM you when I hear back.

I forgot to add screenshots to the post, so they’re attached now.

Looks great, but as a new one in this world without time to give you a lot of input, id rather leave the beta testing to the others :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for making an awesome app! I’ve been using this on my Android device and it works better than most other apps I’ve tried.

The only feature I could request would be allowing for android widgets to control certain devices or scenes.


This could be an awsome app, has development stopped? using this app due the instability of veramobile app and i like it.what is the future plans for it?