Scene with Aeotec door sensor 7 not doing exactly what I need it to

Hello all, before I start I just should make it clear that writing luup code is not a place I have ventured yet so go easy on me please.

Anyhow my situation is I have a Hue light bulb out the front of the house with a hue motion sensor to turn the light on at night when motion is sensed, i.e. somebody approaches the front door. My Hue hub is managing this turning on of the light.
Now I have a Aeotec 7 door sensor installed on the door with scenes to turn the same light on at night when the door is opened and off again when the door is closed, i.e. if it is night and you are leaving the house open the door and hey presto the light turns on. These scenes are working.

However the problem is if somebody approaches the house at night the light turns on, all good, but when you then open the front door the door sensor is triggered and then turns the light off. You can open and close the door again and re trigger the door sensor and the light will turn on however this not the desired result.

So what do I need to do to make Vera realize if the Hue light is already on because of the Hue motion sensor turned it on there is no need to run the scene to turn the light on which results in turning the light off.

Many thanks for any assistance people are prepared to give.


Have you taken a look at the app Reactor? I think it will take care of this for you.
Videos are here.

Thank you, I have installed the app and made a donation to the developer, will see how I go.


I have been looking into and using Reactor and must say it is a revelation when it comes to me… the dumb end user, and programming Vera to behave as desired when a door has been opened.
In relation to opening doors and getting this Aeotec sensor 7 to act as desired I am starting to become despondent.
So it seems to me that it does not act to differentiate between an open or closed state. That is 0 value for door closed, 1 value for door opened or tripped. It just seems to trip, go to 1 when opened and not revert to a “not tripped” state, or go back to 0 when closed. Well sort off.
So before I open the door my reactor sees the sensor is at a 0 value, if I open the door reactor trips and light turns on.
When I close the door again the reactor changes to not tripped briefly and the light goes off however a second or two later it changes to tripped and the light goes on again. Now the light is on but the door is closed. I can open the door and the light will turn off, opposite of what it should be and if I open and close the door quickly I can catch it with the door closed and the light off. However at this point if I go to the reactor and check the state it shows as tripped yet the light is off and if I restart the reactor is sees the door sensor as tripped and light goes on despite the door being closed.
At this point I have had enough, go into the door sensor advanced variables and set the tripped value to 0, light turns off.

I think there has to be something wrong with the setup of the sensor or I am just doing something wrong?
The Aeotec site says:

" Vera is not automatically compatible to Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro or the basic version of that sensor. However, with a few simple tweaks compatibility can be established for the magnetic sensor."

I have completed all their tweaks yet here I am.
Any help please?
Thank you,

Getting started can be a bit frustrating.
I created a Reactor Sensor on my own system that does what I think you are trying to do. Here is the Status screen for that sample Reactor:

The Conditions tab looks like this:

and the Activities screen:

Try setting up a Reactor that looks like this and lets see how that works.
Make sure there is not another Reactor or Scene also trying to control the light.

Good luck.

Hi GenMac and thanks for taking your time to help me with this, unfortunately no dice, see following:
Reactor looks like this:

Conditions look like this:

Activities look like this:

Now when I open the door the reactor responds as you would expect because sensor #67 changes to 1:

And the light turns on. However when I then shut the door the light turns off but sensor #67 still shows in the reactor as tripped and if I restart the reactor the light turns on again.
Once tripped the door sensor never shows as reverting to the non tripped state no matter how many times I open or close the door:

However the light does turn on and off but not necessarily in the correct sequence of door opened to door closed. The only way I can set the door sensor back to not tripped is to go in and adjust the tripped variable to 0 in the advances settings for the door sensor.
It seems to me to be some problem with the setup or variables of the sensor, something beyond my scope of knowledge.
What do you think?
Thanks again.

I find the easiest way to create and troubleshoot a Reactor is to start very simple, test, and then add logic and test again.

Try something as simple as what I posted with just the door sensor and the light to test that the door sensor by itself will turn the light on and off.

Once you get that working add the motion detector and get those two things controlling the door like you want it. Keep testing after every step to insure every thing works.

I think you are on the right track, just back up and try again. Watch the Reactor videos again now that you have worked with it some and see if that helps. It is a good thing you can’t wear out YouTube cause I sure would have.

When editing the Reactor under Tools find the Logic Summary link. There will be an event log that might help see what happened and in what order devices tripped.

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