Scene Triggered for a sensor to send a picture by email

Hello folks…

I would like to create a scene to send a picture to an email address from a specific camera when an armed door sensor is triggered.

preferable this in luup code.

someone has this code to adapt for my reality ?

thanks in advance …

You can do it easily with
See my post here:,10863.msg76332.html#msg76332

I think must exist a function in vera library to connect with smtp servers using user and password.
Something like this:

Connect smtp server user=ssss password=xxx subject aaaa attach xxxxx

Or even using micasaverde mechanism

What is faulting is an option to attach the image.

Using another service increase control, one more account and password, etc.

Thanks for the ideas.

check this:

Perfect Tony G…


I have now a scene sending an email for me using smtp2go account.

My target now is put the code in startup lua and send parameters like a status of a lamp, etc and call this function from any place in vera like when someone turn on a lamp… but this I do not know like to do yet…

This thread has diverged … to sending email from lua …

Vera Alerts does this all for you now …
Use the SMTP transport for Vera Alerts.
Instead of adding LUA code all over the place … you add a standard Vera Notification on a device. Vera Alerts allows you to customize the message sent.

And if you have an Android phone … you can have it sent there as well even faster than email.