Scene to create Three way switching

I would like to create a scene where if I turn on the first switch, it should turn on the lights that it controls as well as the lights controlled by the second switch. When I switch off the second switch both lights should turn off. This should also happen in the reverse too. Basically I would like to create a three way switching using scenes in Vera.
Any help would be appreciated.

This should definitely be doable. Before I purchased my scene controllers at home, I did something very similar. I my case I turned on the overhead (switched light) as well as a bookshelf light connected to a lamp module whenever the one wall switch was turned on (and opposite for off).

Basically what you need is two scenes.

Scene 1 -
Event: Switch 1 ON, Switch 2 ON (if either of these events occur, the scene will execute)
Action: Turn Light 1 ON and Light 2 ON and leave them.

Scene 2 -
Event: Switch 1 OFF, Switch 2 OFF
Action: Turn light 1 OFF and Light 2 OFF and leave them.

Thanks for your help. It worked.