Scene Issues with UI4

Since I upgraded to UI4 I have major issues with creating and editing scenes. I can’t get the names to stick, it sometimes creates multiple “New Scene”'s. Settings don’t stay. Just general issues with adding and editing scenes. I’ve used IE and firefox, iPad safari, all act the same.

Your not alone. I have reported it to MCV and on Mantis.

You will also notice that a scene with X events creates X scenes. Also, each event creates a GO button on the iPhone.
Changing the name of a scene is impossible and may create another scene.
Deleting a scene is hit and miss and may create another scene.
Re-assigning a scene to another room may be impossible, may create another scene or may delete the entire scene.


Glad it’s not just me. It’s almost impossible to create new scenes now making Vera Usless as you add things.

Welcome friends. I thought it was just me as well… ???

I experience the same thing and posted a ticket. Ovidiu connected to my Vera mid Sept. and gathered my logs. He reported back that a fix would be in the next release, when that is I don’t know.

Still having issues!

2 Months later and still having issues!

I get this every time I save a scene:

Saving local data ... ... ... ... ... ... Error saving data, status code: 500

If I reboot I typically have 2 of the same scenes created

For me, the scenes (every update to a scene requires a new browser session in order to save the change successfully) problem seems to have disappeared after I updated to the latest beta 1.1147.

Appear to have intermittent problems with scenes that contain timer logic of the type “set value to X, then X minutes/hours later change it to something else” for my thermostats though (not sure if it’s the scene or something else causing this, but figured it was worth mentioning as a possible caveat).

I’m currently using 1.1.1047 I might try the beta.


Pray tell where does one get/see the latest Beta versions and is it more stable than .1047 or does it have its own set of issues? Mike

Yes… I’m tired of closing my browser and opening for every minor change of a scene… where does one get the latest beta… last I heard, 1.1.1047 WAS the latest… but I’m always the last to hear everything…

The latest beta releases are only available to beta testers. There is some work being done to get out a release hopefully soon to the public. Most of the fixes for right now will be on the underlying of the vera system.

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