Scene Expected if device Batt <30%

Hi first week of Vera

I have created a scene to report to me if any of the batteries in the TRVs or Thermostats drops below 30%.

I have set up each

If battery level for drops below 30%

When I perform a run of the scene it carries out the scene with a Success and sends a message to me stating a device has dropped below 30% battery.

Upon checking all 14 devices they are all above 45% at least.

Not knowing how Scenes are supposed to work - shouldn’t fail because NONE of the devices are below 30%.

What Am I missing in the Vera logic here?

Thanks to anyone who replies.

The scene will run (perhaps execute is a better word) i.e. send an alert when the battery levels drops. But you are running the scene, i.e. forcing it to send an alert and so it sends an alert.
The battery level dropping is the trigger to run the scene. You are triggering it another way.

Make sense?


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So a scene will execute the payload if a force execute is performed regardless of dependencies set as triggers?

How do you test the dependencies?

I believe so, and I don’t think you can, at least in the way you mean.

Take the batteries out of a device? Fundamentally you can’t test it in the way I think you want to without waiting for the batteries to drop to 29%…


I’ll keep a close eye on the batteries in Devices and hopefully Vera will alert me when they about to fail.

Thanks for helping out - much appreciated.

No problem at all. Good luck