Scene controller recommendations?

Hey guys, I’m on the lookout for a scene controller, much like:

GE Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Controller - Low Profile Design - 45631

I like how it doesn’t take up a power gang box and is pretty portable if i decide to re-position it. However, I believe that this one only works with actual z-wave in-wall switches/lamp/appliance modules. I have a Philips Hue system, and so far everything works great. But I need a scene controller that can use Vera’s scenes, and not just what you include into it via pressing buttons.

Ideally I would like to place this on the wall behind the couch to control my living room scenes. Can anyone recommend anything?

Check out this thread:

Note - it does take a wall gang and needs to be powered from AC (can get power from an adjoining switch). I made a lot of single gang to dual or triple in my conversion…but a blank panel is easy to install if you need to move it.

Awesome man, thanks. I guess that I’ll have to run some power after all. +1