Save money using Schlage RS100HC sensor with additional cheap wired contacts

Hi Everyone,

People have been so helpful to me on this forum that I wanted to help (hopefully) others as well. I have made a video that shows how to use a Schlage RS100HC wireless z-wave sensor with cheap normally open wired sensors/contacts. I used these sensors to trigger windows with multiple panes (and windows in the same room). This allowed me to use one Schlage sensor per room instead of having to buy one or more for each window.

I hope this helps someone.

[url=]Mi Casa Verde - Vera 3 & Vera Lite - Using Schlage door and window sensor with additional contacts - YouTube

That’s a great vid. I’m still in the building phase of a system for a new home and have not yet installed anything yet. I’ve been creeping around this site learning before I pull the switch on each product. This is a great tip and a big cost saver. Thanks! ;D

petewill, I’m using the same wireless sensors (purchased from,) with Ademco, normal open contact switches. You mention in your video that the Schlage built-in sensor stops working when it’s wired to the other sensors, but mine seems to still work. I get the red LED flashing and my Vera detects a tripped condition. Just an FYI for anyone else assuming it doesn’t work, check with your sensors first!

Sorry, I should have been more specific. It still works but it doesn’t work as I needed it to. I’m trying to remember the exact specifics but I think using the included sensor in combination with the external contacts required the internal AND external contact to be open for it to show tripped. So, if I was using it on a double hung window, both the top and bottom windows would need to be open. Hopefully that makes sense.

pasqualz, if that’s not the case for you, that’s awesome! I wish I got those ones…

If your building your house, its a much better Idea to run wires to each window tied into your home alarm panel. Few reasons,

One wired sensors are as cheap as 1.00 and alarm wire is also cheap. Wireless sensors are good for already built houses that don’t have wire ran. They are easy as sticking them to the wall. But they cost 30.00 each and require battery changes (should last a long time tho, but still batteries vs. no batteries). Wireless sensors are reliable but don’t last as long as wired.

Bottom line wired is cheaper, better and last forever if you can run the wires.

Wireless good to retrofit and old house.