save images locally?

I searched but didn’t come up with much.
is it possible to have the images saved from your camera to store locally or to a nas?
I’m not sure I like the idea of my images being sent to vera’s servers.
is there anyway to do that on a local basis?

It’s adding complexity, but IMO, the benefits have really been worth it, this being one of them. Look into Blue Iris and the associated plug in. Works great!

There is a plugin to save them to dropbox however I still think they are stored in both locations. I believe this feature has been asked about for a long time but has gone unanswered. The links to get video and pictures from vera are in some type of java script preventing a direct url function as well.

Otherwise you’d have to develop coding to divert the pictures to a local area vice vera’s system. But since cameras such as VistaCam are designed to work out of the box there might still be issues with it.

I too would prefer local since viewing your archive and downloading a 20 second video clip is longer on vera’s servers sometimes.