Running Schlagelink and Vera together?

Can you have both, at least initially, running both Schlagelink and Vera?

We have Vera and Schlage link working together. This is how we found Vera in the first place. Wanted the Link, but did not want to pay $13 per month for their service.

I had both at one point and then went both feet into Vera. I pre-paid the whole year so I still have a few months left. I might plug it back in until MCV gets it’s act together.

Keep Schlage Link for now, I cannot get vera 2 with any UI (2,3, or 4) to allow me to assign PIN’s to three different Schlage locks. If you do not need that function then don’t worry about it.

Are you saying that you can’t assign a pin to 3 different locks at once, or just not at all. I don’t think anyone is having problems assigning pins to a Schlage with Vera UI2, 3, or 4. It works fine for me in UI4. What is happening when you try?