running 2 z-wave frequencies

i realised that some of the really cool stuff is in the US z-wave frequencies
my veralite is european …

would it be possible to add a usb z-wave stick and make it somehow work ?
i dont want to have the hazzle with bridging.

or maybe a vera compatible wifi based device can manage other z-wave devices and buy this one in the “wrong” frequency to close the gap ?

any ideas or experiences how this could be done ?

Similar questions have been asked before. Besides following your country laws pertaining to frequencies you can use, you will need another Vera that will have the different z-wave chip for that frequency. You can not run two z-wave devices at the same time on one vera.

  • Garrett

in general, i do not really mind about having another Vera,
the legal’s about the frequencies are not really a issue, since i do live in THailand :wink:

but i did read ALOT in the forums here about the trouble comes with bridging veras,
like device status not synced and so on, or was that just user errors ?

There are a few users here who have multiple Vera’s bridge and working with limited issues.

  • Garrett