"Run" scene...what resets it??

How often do I have to click “run” on scenes??
When I reboot vera…daily…what stops it???

You can “run” a scene by pressing the “Run” button. But you can also have scenes run themselves. What makes them go off is a trigger – an event that sets off another event – or a schedule that you set the time for. See [url=http://support.micasaverde.com/customer/portal/articles/730980–veralite-creating-scenes]http://support.micasaverde.com/customer/portal/articles/730980--veralite-creating-scenes[/url] for specifics.

I think I did’nt ask the question properly. I created a light on/light off scene on a schedule. Once completed I hit “run” on that scene.
My question is when will I have to hit “run” on that scene again or will it just be permanently always “running” even after a reboot,etc…

If you’ve set the schedule up correctly (eg. same time every day) then you don’t have to do anything (not even press Run once). It just continues across restarts. That’s the nature of schedules.

The scene itself just runs for an instant every time it is scheduled. It is not actually in a “running” state whilst waiting to be scheduled again.

Thank you. That answers my question. If I am not using a schedule how does it work??

Aside from running it manually from the GUI, or remotely from an HTTP (or UPnP) request, any one of a number of events can be defined as triggers. All quite well explained in the wiki here: