Router will not remember wlan settings

Router version: r4324
Vera Firmware: 1.0.790

Question 1:
Setting up my wlan settings with Vera and directly within the router. in both cases it will save my settings. But it will not remember after a reload. i preform a reset, but still no luck.

Question 2: How can i go back to an earlier firmware from Vera.

Nobody can help me?

I don’t think there are many people that use VERA as WLAN. I have that setting turn off in my box. But you might want to try and configure it from the advanced configuration link.

I already did that. but it will not work. the strange thing is, it worked. but not any more. i also did a hard reset (with the button at the back of vera) but still no luck.

I have the same problem. For me it is not that important, because I don’t really need that second accass point.

The behavior of my Vera is similar to yours. I have to reset the wireless settings by giving a new password (which can be the old one) every second day.

I do use Vera as access point.
I have configured the settings through the Vera UI and the UI of the Router. through both ways he does not save anything.


  • How do I hard reset the Router (a real hard reset)
  • How can I upgrade the router to a new firmware
  • How can I return Vera to a stable firmware (from 790 to 616)