Roomie Remote works great with Vera but can't control locks & scenes. Resolved.

I am new to Vera (less than a week in) but very impressed so far. I am running a Vera Edge on UI7. I setup Roomie remote yesterday for my AV Control. Vera was immediately recognized and when I included Vera into the Roomie interface, all my Vera devices were immediately included into a nice little remote interface. It appears that Vera is truly plug and play with Roomie.

My only issue is that my Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt lock will not respond to the Roomie on/off commands. All my Z-wave lights and my Z-wave garage door opener worked fine. I also noticed that Roomie doesn’t seem to support scenes or at least I did not see a way to include them where as my devices were automatically recognized. I was wondering if anybody here has experience with Roomie and was able to get senses working and or Z-wave locks and if so, what did you have to do to make it work. If I can get scenes to work, that would likely provide a suitable workaround for the Lock switch not working via Roomie as I could just execute lock/unlock via a scene.

I’ve also posted this in the Roomie forums but that thread has not been approved yet and I figured I should also post it here as I know a few members are using Roomie.

Edit. I’ve got it figured out. Roomie works great with Vera and you can create a unique remote for Vera devices.

New vera user that also uses roomie/simple control. Do you use the schlage be469 by chance?

Can you get lock status displayed in roomie using this lock and vera (Locked or unlocked)

Roomie support says some locks support it through vera such as kwikset 912 but they would only say lock status should likely be displayed if vera can display it with that lock model.